Global Pandemics suck…
your relationship doesn’t have to.

What if you could achieve better communication, less conflict, and more connection with your partner -- just by getting a little bit smarter…

Isn't that what "back to school" is all about?
We’re all feeling stuck. 

Many of us have literally been inside our homes for 18 months.

And many of us are feeling stuck in our relationships as well.

There's a way back...if not to "normal", at least to "next".
Many couples understand that therapy can be a great tool for helping tackle communication and conflict struggles - but there is a huge problem.
Therapy Doesn’t Work.

Therapy requires a huge investment of time and money. In addition, it’s mostly effective in person, but who wants to wear a mask at therapy? 


Podcasts don’t work. Books don’t work. Seminars don’t work.

Only couples work.
The problem is that, Right now, “working on the relationship” is an incredible challenge. We are - all of us - sad and stressed and scared. And none of us are operating at optimum capacity.
Many of us are having to learn all over how to tolerate difference while also chasing intimate connection. 

We simultaneously want our partner to meet our needs, and we desperately want a break. 

We have to decide on the daily whether to care about the “right way” to load the dishwasher, teach Algebra, or make a grilled cheese sandwich. 

We’re in uncharted territory and finding time to prioritize your most intimate relationship is tough. Am I right?

But it's time to go Back to School

That's why I'm offering you instant access to
Your Marriage Masterclass...

For only $27!
Most couples wait 6 years before seeking the help they need. 

When they finally start their search for a therapist, they still have to wade through a sea of unknowns, like who is a good fit, are they in network, do they have evening or weekend hours, how much do they cost?  

I get it. 100% I get it. I’ve been in that spot before as a client. And I’ve seen 100s of couples come into my office on the heels of that same uncertainty.

These days are exponentially more uncertain. We’re living in the midst of a global trauma that is affecting our most intimate relationships. 

That’s why I created the Marriage Masterclass: Back to School Edition to help you achieve the relationship goals you desire and deserve from the comfort of your own home.


Waking up feeling closer to your partner than you did last night....

Connecting intimately through conversation AND conflict...

Laughing more and arguing less…

Going to bed feeling more deeply known and enjoyed than you did this morning...

How would your relationship be different if you could 
  • create a vision for what could be and learn how to move toward it.
  • ​learn how to avoid behaviors guaranteed to create more conflict and to develop behaviors that can create more intimacy.
  • discover secret tips to improve your relationship - even if your partner isn’t paying attention.
  • ​gain immediate traction on a core marital issue like sex, money, or parenting.
  •  add new tools to your expanding relationship toolbox.
Does this sound familiar…?

You’ve considered therapy, but it’s more expensive and more time intensive than you can justify just now.

You’ve considered a workshop or retreat, but they’re all cancelled until earth is re-opened.

You’ve tried books, and podcasts, and videos, but they never met you exactly where you were.

You’re too busy, too tired, too anxious, and your relationship is suffering.

Remember ... Couples Work.
If you lean into the principles and practices presented in the Marriage Masterclass, you will experience better communication, less conflict, and more connection.

You’ll learn to move from contempt, and criticism, and combat, to compassion, curiosity, and calm. 

The day may never come when we can go “back to normal” but this program is designed to set you up for a whatever a new "next". One that was healthier and happier than it was before.

There are a few simple secrets that healthy couples use to achieve greater connection, joy, and peace.

It’s time you got to work learning them.


Your attention and intention is the key to unleashing your dream of relationship satisfaction. Your Marriage Masterclass contains all the tools you need to achieve the relationship you desire and deserve.

Never again wonder if you can move closer to your partner and your dream. 

You can.

Imagine reflecting on this pandemic a few years from now. Imagine the story you could tell about how your relationship survived - thrived - during this season.

My wife and I have been married for over 25 years. Both of us are strong-willed, both like to have the last word. We fall back into negative patterns often. 

We started seeing Zach over three years ago, and he’s helped smooth us out a lot. He’s taught us alternatives to arguing, how to fight fair, and how to repair when conflict comes up. Most importantly, his coaching has given us hope that we can have a better marriage.

Zach’s insights and bright-funny-patient style make him the best marriage therapist we’ve ever had.

What's Included 
A proven research-based system to help you preserve the most important principles of your relationship. You'll learn...
  • FOUR Questions You Should Asking (and Answering) Every Day
  • THREE Essential Skills to help Mitigate ANY Conflict
  • FIVE Priorities to Pursue to Build Intimacy
  • ​ONE Word that will Dramatically Change your Entire Relationship
The Fastest Way to Turn Conflict into Connection
  • Proven Strategies to Minimize the pain of conflict
  • ​Expect conversations - even about difference - to become pathways to intimacy. 
  • ​No more wasted time.
No More “I Feel LIke We’re Just Roommates”
  • One of the most common complaints I hear as a therapist - I wish we could find the spark again. Well, you can.

 Strategies for turning conflict into intimate connection

 Proven tools for managing conflict and enhancing communication

 Secrets to enhancing your relationship without including your partner

 A new and improved definition and invitation to deeper intimacy

 A plan to ensure you’re closer on Monday morning than you were on Friday afternoon.

 Permission to dream about your future with your partner

Your Marriage Masterclass includes three FREE bonuses to help you focus on...

  • ENHANCING DATE NIGHT: 5 ways to re-frame quality connection time, without having to hire a babysitter
  • CULTIVATING CURIOSITY: 20 Questions for Deeper Connection for Couples
  • FUTURE-CASTING: 3-ish SIMPLE steps to a more intentional tomorrow
As my husband and I walked into Zach’s office for the first time, I already felt annoyed at how much time it was going to take to really “get into it” and I doubted if it would even be helpful. 

We sat down and Zach said “so how can I help”? It was the perfect way to start - it caught me off guard in a refreshing way that made me really think...”why were we here? Why are we doing this?” And it created the space I was hoping for, honest, direct, and without all the fluff. 

I felt like Zach gave my husband and I the space we needed to talk, process, cry, be mad, get defensive, listen, and learn more about each other and ourselves.

  • For over a dozen years, I’ve been working with couples who were struggling and stuck. Jeez...I’ve been struggling and stuck in my own relationship. 
  • My experience working with and through thousands of couples’ stories has helped me understand the themes and patterns that are consistently keeping people from experiencing their best relationships. 
  • I’ve heard every relationship cliche on the planet. I’ve seen both volatile and passive couples learn how to do conflict. I’ve seen couples on the brink find a way forward. And I’ve seen “happy” relationships evolve into “healthy” relationships. 
  • I know for sure that there is a way forward for couples who are willing to do the work. And I know for sure that a happy, healthy relationship is closer than you think.
  • ​Finally, I’m convinced that Couples Connection is a skill. And if it’s a can be learned.
My wife and I went to Zach with some significant marital issues.

 Within the first session, he challenged my pre-existing ideas of what therapy was. Initially he served as a translator for us -- her being very focused on her emotions, me being very focused on logic -- until we could develop the tools to do so ourselves. 

That set the tone for our subsequent visits: Zach gave us the tools to work through our conflict on our own. He never took sides, he never questioned why we felt some way, he simply got the core of our problem -- clear and open communication. 

While my wife and I still have conflict, we feel infinitely more confident in being able to resolve it ourselves thanks to the help and guidance that Zach provided.

Who am I?
I have been counseling and coaching couples for almost 20 years. I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Gottman Therapist with a private practice in Seattle. 

I am the best-selling author of The Relationship Alphabet and the Marriage Therapy Journal as well as the co-host of the podcast Marriage Therapy Radio.  

My insights have been featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health, Real Simple, and the Washington Post

I’ve been happily married to Rebecca for 21 of 23 years. We have two daughters (14& 18). We own a mini-van and most of the silverware we got as wedding presents.

Finally, I understand that marriage is really, really hard and that the best way to ruin it is to do nothing.
We appreciate Zach's approach to couples therapy, now more than ever. When life gets real, Zach is up for the challenge. He is adept at cutting through the BS to the source of the conflict, whether it's fear, jealousy, insecurity or pride. But not to be alarmed, he brings out the truth in a manner that is respectful and kind. My husband and I leave our sessions feeling more aligned with each other and ready for the challenges ahead. 

Zach did good work with us (the best, most pragmatic therapist we’ve worked with collectively or individually). His approach allowed us to transform our relationship. In fact, I left my job after he asked, “why are you working so hard”. Turns out the real job was my relationship.
I've participated in talk therapy numerous times in my life so when we found Zach, there were equal parts hopefulness and "man I hope this works". From the start, he brought a fresh perspective that made me think about what I wanted to discuss and learn from each time. His questions and reflections were focused on how viewed myself and what I could do about that. This was the first time that a counselor helped me assess my actions and how I had the potential to grow from those learnings.
Zach is an excellent, insightful listener. Zach guided and taught us strategies, tools, and coping mechanisms that we now practice in our daily lives, and we now have a stronger respect for each other than ever before. We look forward to celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, and many, many more.  
Thank you, Zach!
 This is Right For You If...
You’re struggling and stuck and just want to feel better about your relationship.
You want more “tools” to help you build the relationship you desire and deserve.
You’d like to experience more connection and less conflict during this unprecedented time.
You’re overwhelmed by the stress and strain that is plaguing your relationship.
You understand that love is a skill that can be learned and leveraged for good.
You’re motivated to make your relationship work, and confident you can do it from your own home.
You and me...we’re not that different. We want the same thing. We want to feel confident that we’ll get a positive return on our investment, whether in the stock market, or in a relationship. 

I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done in my own marriage and with my clients. I KNOW that there’s a path forward for you and I’m confident that the content I’ve collected for you can transform your relationship.

That’s why I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee the program will be a silver bullet for your relationship, I can guarantee that if you put these tools into practice, you will experience a higher degree of relationship satisfaction.

To reinforce that guarantee: If you’re not happy with the Your Marriage Masterclass, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. 

Lock in this price while you still can
It will never be easier.
It will never be cheaper.
It will never be more effective.
(As long as you’re ready to do the work.)

How much time is required?
As much or as little as you want. In any case, think "work smarter" not "work harder". Minimally, budget about an hour a week for content and factor in another 2-3 hours to practice what you’re learning. 
How fast can I expect to see results?
The power of a mindset shift is pretty great. You could see results right away, but relationship work is "slow and steady wins the race". If you really integrate your learning, you’ll see change over the lifetime of your relationship.
I already tried therapy. Will this work for me?
It depends. If you thoughtfully and consistently engage the material - meaning if you do the work - you will have a stronger relationship. If you don’t - you won’t.
What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
I do offer support for individuals and couples who feel stuck. You can always contact me for private coaching. I do try to respond to emails pretty consistently as time allows.
Is everything available immediately?
I'm a relationship guy, not a tech guy, so I need to underpromise here. That said, I'll do my best to make sure you get everything as efficiently and easily as possible. 
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If you make a sincere effort to put the your Marriage Masterclass, and you’re still not happy with your purchase, I will refund your money within 30 days. 
How much time is required?
As much or as little as you want. The Journal is best experienced one chapter per week, using about an hour each time. Factor in another 2-3 hours to practice what you’re learning. 
I already tried therapy. Will this work for me?
It depends. If you thoughtfully and consistently engage the material - meaning if you do the work - you will have a stronger relationship. If you don’t - you won’t.
What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
I do offer support for individuals and couples who feel stuck. You can join the Book Club or consider private coaching. I also respond to emails pretty consistently as time allows.
How fast can I expect to see results?
If you do a Journal chapter a week and apply what you’re learning, you’ll experience change right away and then again over 8-12 weeks. If you really integrate your learning, you’ll see change over the lifetime of your relationship.
Is everything available immediately?
It’ll take me a few days to get the book in the mail, but I’ll send you the first chapter and the bonuses ASAP. Some of the content is delivered by weekly email and you’ll get the first one next Tuesday.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If you make a sincere effort to put the Couples Connection Curriculum to use, and you’re still not happy with your purchase, I will refund your money within 30 days. 
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